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Life size sculpture bronze statue soldier sculpture price for sale


Life Size Bronze Statue | eBay

Nude Greek Goddess Harmonia Life-size Sculpture Statue (bronze finish). In Greek mythology, Harmonia is the immortal goddess of harmony and concord.

life size bronze statue | eBay

New Listing 66" Life-size Naked Nude Greek Goddess Harmonia Sculpture Statue (bronze finish)

Life Size Soldier Statue, Life Size Soldier Statue Suppliers …

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Life-size Sculpture, Life-Size Statuary and Life-Size Statues at Statue.com for Sale. Shop our Life-size statues and larger Sculptures of life size figures at Statue.com. For those looking for that signature piece for their home or garden, there may be nothing more elegant than a life size statue or sculpture from Statue.com.

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A truly amazing sculpture of a kneeling soldier that is life-size and very large to be the ultimate memorial and tribute to the heroes […] $ 29,850.00 $ 19,875.00 Sale!

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