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Atlas Bronze Casting Custom Bronze Sculpture

When you commission a sculpture from Atlas Bronze Casting, the artists and craftsmen at Atlas Bronze Casting fine art foundry will meet or exceed your expectations in creating your custom bronze sculpture. Your custom bronze statue can give a great first impression and a lasting impression to clients as they come and go from your business.

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Tany Foundry is one of the first fine art foundries in China applying 3D printing to bronze sculpture casting. 3D Printing is very useful for making patterns directly from digital 3D mold. Recently we us RP for casting bronze sculptures for our old friend Tom , who is a talented sculptors very good at figurative sculpting.

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If you have any questions regarding custom bronze statues, commissioning a custom bronze portrait statue, or would like any other additional information on custom bronze sculpture process, please feel free to contact Lena Toritch or Richard Young at You Fine Art Sculpture.

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Custom Bronze Sculptures Bronze Statues

Contact Stan Watts at Atlas Bronze Casting for a consultation about your custom bronze sculpture project. 1(801)967-0557 Custom bronze sculptures made to order by Atlas Bronze Casting Fine Art Foundry's team of skilled artists.

Custom Bronze Statue for Sale | Vincentaa-Global

As the world-leading bronze sculpture designer & manufacturer, Vincentaa is specialized in Huge bronze statues (higher than 25m), custom bronze statue and table-top bronze arts for indoor & outdoor decoration.

AFA Foundry – Home of Fine Art Bronze Foundry Services

Consistent execution, consummate professionalism, and a keen understanding of the bronze casting trade, all make us one of the premiere bronze fine art foundries in the world. Artists: Learn how you can work with us worldwide to produce your original bronze or stainless steel sculptures with superlative quality and detail.

American Bronze Foundry – Official Site

Fine Art bronze sculptures and statues. We understand the needs of today’s artists to realize your latest work in bronze. Also, the needs of an art publisher who needs a professional, reliable and consistent art casting partner. American Bronze Foundry is here to help you. Fine Art bronze gallery. Monuments, Memorials, Life-size statues

Custom Statues

STATUES.COM in-house customized services include bronze sculptors, bronze portraiture bust sculptors, marble statue production artisans, silicone mold makers, casting and foundry artisans all under one roof!

Shoop's American Bronze Casting, LTD – Recognition with Fine Art

Our bronze foundry is one of only a few, artist-owned foundries left in America. Started in 1970, Shoop’s American Bronze Casting, Ltd. began by making custom bronze sculptures for recognition awards.