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With a limited edition sculpture, if a mold costs one thousand dollars to make and I will be making ten sculptures in the edition, the price is divided over those ten pieces, so these cost of the mold making are now only $100 per casting. The sculpting fees are also deferred.

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Hot Cast Bronze is the the ultimate material in which to create a sculpture. Often the budget precludes this and fortunately there are many modern alternatives including resin bronze, cold cast marble, porcelain and a multitude of alternatives.

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If you buy from a lesser known mortal sculptor a bronze could still cost more than a sculpture in stone. For a bronze, the sculptor will “model” in clay, wax or even plaster. This is a lot quicker and easier than working in stone, but, when the clay model is complete the sculptor has to hand over control to a foundry.

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The beginnings of India's temple, Bronze Age were in the commissioning of bronze statues by the Rajas of the Chola Empire. The Cholas came to power in the late 9th century, and until the late 13th century.

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Famous Military Field Fallen Soldier Battle Cross Memorial Cost Icon Bronze Llc – Bronze Military Soldier Statues And Fallen … The Bronze Battle Cross was unveiled on April 14th 2012 by actor Kevin Costner to honor the CH-47 Chinook crew and Soldiers that lost their lives on April 6th 2011 in Afghanistan.

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SCULPTURES. Susan Wagner specializes in figurative sculptures, from a few inches tall to larger than life, cast in resin, bronze, aluminum, and other materials.

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Purchase or Commission a bronze sculpture or statue . LIMITED EDITION BRONZES . Pricelist: Please contact Mary Sand Studio for the current pricelist. Prices are subject to change based on foundry casting price adjustments.

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A commission is an agreement between a client and an artist to create a designated sculpture. You hire me to make a sculpture. It is a collaborative (team) effort between the artist and the client.

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This is an work-in-progress photo of a large bronze statue commissioned for an overseas customer. The horse is 5m in height (about 18'). Other example of large sculpture include several 4m (15ft) lion sculptures order by an European customer.

Custom Statues

Every statue we make is unique to the client. And so is the way we work hand in hand with the client to design, craft, finish and deliver your sculpture. From public monuments to commercial statues, personal memorials to corporate artwork, we will deliver a sculpture that generations can see, touch and will serve as a remembrance forever.